Sunday, December 30, 2007

someone voted!

hey! thanks for voting in the poll, mysterious visitor! i've only ever had one other person post here, so that was kind of nice and a neat surprise.

does anyone have that promo video for Marine Boy? i found it on Youtube, but then it was yanked, and stupidly, i didn't bother to save it to the hard drive. so of course, i'd like to do it now, please.

Friday, December 28, 2007


it's hard to believe it's been most of the month since i've posted. i added a poll for fun here, just to see if i'm the only one talking to myself! but at least it's pertinent to the blog anyway.

hope everyone has had a great holiday season!

Monday, December 3, 2007


i've just realized that i have a lot more to write about on the book. not like whole chapters, but about the actors, musical score, things like that that should be in there. stuff i hadn't even considered.

so now i'm only about 3/4 of the way done, instead of 7/8 or so. live and learn for a first time book writer!

i do want it to be as complete as possible, at least for this fan. and i can always do an update, as there will be stuff i find out after i finish for sure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i wonder

Marine Boy as a show just ended- not like, say, Astro Boy or Prince Planet, both of which had definite endings. i wonder how i would have actually ended the show. i'm not sure how i would have done it, but it does point to the US involvement in the show.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

holiday wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
be thankful and grateful for what your have and where you are, i always think.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the cover

Mike has the cover started, and it will look pretty dynamic. i wanted something that caught the eye, but wasn't a carbon copy of a scene from one of the episodes, and i think he's done that really well.

by the way, the DVDs from are really nice! i can't recommend them highly enough.

happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


it's amazing how much time has gone by. i've finished the episodes, and have rewatched a few here and there. i've been making some screen captures and adding various pictures into the book. i still want some more, as i think the book should have lots of fun pictures and maybe a rare one here and there. mostly it's just screen captures, since there aren't a lot of stills about.

or very much merchandise overall. i've got some interesting things, but sadly, there's just not a lot of 'em.

the cover is what i'm waiting for now, and i've got a graphic designer ready to help me out with the title. so things are pro
gressing more than i've posted here, obviously.

i still have to call Corinne, which i will do Monday or Tuesday, depending on my work schedule. say, what's Space Boy Soran doing in here? you'll have to read the book!

Friday, November 2, 2007

last episode!

i'm watching the final episode now! it's kind of a relief finally to be done.

now comes all the re-writes. but other than that, the book is nearly done. so far the book is less than 40 pages, but i will have more to add to it. too bad there are not a lot of toys. i should find a picture of a real boomerang to add to it. just for comparison's sake.

this really is a beautiful cartoon.


forget it! i'm tired and don't wanna play with them right now.

will finish the bulk of the book this month, for sure. perhaps the whole thing, just in time for the holidaze!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

it's a happy Hallowe'en here in Paradise!

i've had this odd experience- i still have two more episodes to watch, but somehow i don't want to finish the series. i think that would also then mean i really had to bear down and finish the book.

so i better get on with it!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

more and more

getting more and more cool stuff to add to the book. so far, it's still just 32 pages, so i think i have some room to add some cool scans from old tv guides about what was on the telly at the same time Marine Boy aired. there were a couple of years that had some great lineups to watch in the mornings and afternoons- you could watch Marine Boy, Speed Racer, Ultraman, Batman, DC Super Hero cartoons, Spider-man and more in a single day.

it's kind of depressing now to think NONE of those shows are aired at all any more. good thing more and more of these are coming out on DVD. here's hoping that my book will inspire a release of Marine Boy!

i've also done some more good screen grabs, which i can now pepper the book with, and if they are small, they look better!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


good news, i got the replacement disc in and can watch the Final Four episodes. these are from the place i recommend, which is the best place to get 'em. more expensive, but worth it. so i'm back to writing after a bit of a break. and i've accidentally learned how to format the book, which really helps.

so far the book is a whole 32 pages long. i expect it to be at least 50 by the time i get done. not including front and back covers. i'll be adding some screen captures and other pictures. not a lot of promotional material about for Marine Boy.

i think i'm supposed to have a photo for the back cover, and a blurb about me. perhaps i'll get one of Dacya and i for it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


no real news recently, i am still waiting for my replacement disc of Marine Boy. it's a drag, but since they are free, i can't really complain. and i really need to get some of the credits and things done. just been concentrating on other things at this point.

that's a bad excuse, eh? i'd be worried if someone were reading this...

doggone it, i do have something cool to embed here, but i don't seem to be able to do that. well, go here for something fun! it's the video promo for Marine Boy- well, i doubt it was video back then, a real film promo sent out to sell the series.

Friday, October 12, 2007

the cover

my friend Mike is doing the cover of the book for me, and he sent me a preliminary sketch for it. i think he's got the exact feel of the show down, so ima do a sketch for him how i see the cover should be, and he and i will collaborate on the final deal.

now i just have to figure out the title, and do that. oh, the cover is on the site. do i have that linked here?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

a minor setback

i have four episodes left to watch, and the first two in that set will not play in my machine. i had wondered about that disc, since it was one of the first i ever made with my recorder.

so now i'm in the process of getting it replaced. hopefully it will come from here, the best place i've seen online. i know for sure their Prince Planet episodes are awesome in quality!

it's a bummer, but it's only the last four episodes, so i can call Corinne and talk to her in the near future. i hope that goes as well as the interview with Peter. what a great guy he is!

Monday, October 1, 2007

down to 7

down to seven episodes left, and that seems so short now. i'll miss Marine Boy and Neptina and the rest of their friends. but i'll also be glad that part is done, so i can sit back and just WATCH the episodes again.
though i will need some screen captures from a few episodes as well. good thing they look a lot better in b/w and small.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

17 left

i have 17 episodes left to watch, so i may be a bit behind on my goal of getting them all done by the end of the month, which of course, is tomorrow. so while i may not have 'em all watched, getting 60 done is pretty amazing. these last ones seem to be more "Splasher-centric" anyway, so they do go by quickly.

to the right here is a cover of a 45 RPM for Marine Boy. i wonder just what it was for- maybe the theme song? the Japanese theme is quite exciting and cool, something i do prefer over the rather tame US version.

there isn't a lot of merchandise i could find pictures of, that's for sure. too bad, as i'd love more stuff like this!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


i'm down to 17 episodes left to watch and do the synopses on, which is really something. that's the worst part of doing something like this, is that you get a bit burned out when you watch 4-5 episodes a day, even of your favorite shows. i've found i have had to break it up a bit. i learned that from doing the Megaloman episode guide for Oriental Cinema way back in the day.

and that was only 30 episodes!

so the rest will be done this week, i am sure, and that will mean i'm on my way to being finished. at some point i'll have to let it go and quit tweaking it and let it "become one with the ages".

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

this post

this post marks as many posts in one month as i've done the whole rest of the time i've had this blog. granted, i wasn't really into using this one so much, but now i'm happy to say it's helped me with the book.

speaking of that, there's not much news. i really need to talk to Corinne and see what she has to say, but other than that, i'm getting the bulk of it done and that's a good thing. i like being able to tell people that i am writing a book, especially when they ask me what i am doing these days. it's quite satisfying.

go here for fun videos.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a long break

i knew i was going to take a little break from the book, but i hadn't planned on taking a week break! still, i'm doing very well on it, and enjoying watching the show quite a bit. it reminds me how much i loved seeing it as a kid.

i mean, who wouldn't want a dolphin friend, a mermaid friend and a deadly electronic boomerang? there's a fun revelation about the boomerang that will be in the book!

(he said ever so mysteriously!)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

off today

i didn't watch any Marine Boy today or even do any writing. sometimes you have to take a break, and i want to continue to love the show. i did get quite a bit done yesterday, including new frame grabs. as in the one you see here. i like this one a lot.

does it look clear enough? mind you, it's not going to be published in color, just b/w. i did several more, and even have added them to see how they will fit in.

makes me want to publish an issue of Xenorama now that i know how to add pictures properly and everything. i have a lot of issue #15 or #16 done. i really should get off my butt and finish the darn thing, it's only been six years, eh.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

dolphins and dragons

just watched two of my favorite episodes- "The Genuis Dolphin" and "Dragon of the Sea".

in the first, Splasher gets to talk and hilarious hijinks abound. it's very cute and funny to hear Splasher talk and sing. in the second one, a giant plesiosaur is lost. Marine Boy befriends it and tries to take it to see his father. never argue with a mermaid is the lesson of the day!

i mean, who wouldn't want to talk to a dolphin and who wouldn't want to have a giant "sea dragon" as a friend? nothing in the ocean would bother you at all!

so far the best episodes have been in since the 30s in this series. i've got to start doing some screen caps of various episodes for the book.

Friday, September 7, 2007


guess i can't edit colors once i've posted... sorry about that last one. here it is, easier to read.

i've changed the name of the blog to reflect the current outlook. hope any readers don't get too confused (that would make, what, two people, tops?).

i wonder who the will be the first person to leave a comment. i wonder if anyone will!

i need to get some more screen caps from the DVDs. of course, i'm hoping to get some upgraded copies soon, since the pictures i've gotten already don't always look so great. and i'm not a whiz at making them look better, though i have improved them a bit overall. i'd like to get some from individual episodes, not just the generic opening and closing ones i've posted here (more or less).

now, who dubbed Prince Planet?

there we go

i've changed the name of the blog to reflect the current outlook. hope any readers don't get too confused (that would make, what, two people, tops?).

i wonder who the will be the first person to leave a comment. i wonder if anyone will!

i need to get some more screen caps from the DVDs. of course, i'm hoping to get some upgraded copies soon, since the pictures i've gotten already don't always look so great. and i'm not a whiz at making them look better, though i have improved them a bit overall. i'd like to get some from individual episodes, not just the generic opening and closing ones i've posted here (more or less).

now, who dubbed Prince Planet?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Count Shark is our villain today

this is one weird looking villain, in much the same vein as Tiger Shark. of course, we never get a backstory on Marine Boy's villains, so we can just imagine who and what he is.

this is episode 38 of 77. it's one of the large bunch i've already watched, so i'm just rewatching these until i get to episode 42, which i haven't done yet.

doesn't Count Shark realize hammerhead sharks have small mouths?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

one more down

disc (five episodes) of Marine Boy down. i've already reviewed these (they were what started it all) so i'm just watching them to see if i need to add anything. which speed things up. the next 5 discs should be just as easy.

i hope!

not a very exciting update. but here's a picture of an opening part of an episode. i need to do some more screen captures in the near future, but i also want to upgrade these episodes i have.

one of the reasons i'm doing this book is that i hope it makes someone think it would be a good idea to put the show out on legit DVD. here's hoping!


by the way, here's a bit of Colonel Bleep i found online. there used to be a Red Goose shoe store where i grew up in CO.

the book has taken on some new life, as i've got more information on the Japanese show. i don't know how much effort i want to put in to it, as it's for fun, not for work, but the temptation is great, and i will do my best to get it done correctly.

i'm still pretty amazed by the amount of information i've got now! you will be too, iffen anyone is really interested in it!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

over half way

i'm over halfway through the Marine Boy episodes now, and that makes the guide seem a lot more feasible now. that has been the most daunting part of the entire project. makes me wish for a 52 episode cartoon, like perhaps Prince Planet!

which may happen, depending on how this book goes.

in some releated news, i'm watching an old cartoon show called "Colonel Bleep" which was made way back in 1957. Alpha Video has a nice DVD collection of the show. Zero Zero Island is where Col. Bleep hangs out with his friends Squeak and Scratch.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

the Power of Power

this episode of Marine Boy was the first episode of the series i had seen it almost ten years. i bought three episodes on a VHS tape, quality unseen from a dealer at Starfest in 1989. the dealer also had some 8th Man and Gigantor episodes, if i remember correctly. anyway, the quality was horrible- the colors fluctuating and many dropouts- i had no idea what generation it was, but back then, we didn't care. i was happy just to see the show again!

but i'll tell you this, it was very difficult to watch those three episodes very much, since the quality was so poor.

i was very happy to get brand new tapes of the episodes about 12 years later, they make the episodes much more enjoyable.

the new purpose

i'll tell you what, it's nice to have a sense of purpose, i must say! i'm all energized about my new Marine Boy book i am working, and this being an official place to read about it really helps out. i spoke to Peter Fernandez today, the writer and voice of this show, and i learned some very interesting stuff.

stuff that has oddly never been talked about before! i have to get some more screen shots, since the promotional material for Marine Boy is incredibly rare if not non-existent. still, i think the book will now be actually fun for people that know the series and more fun for those that barely remember it.

i've still got about 30 episodes to do synopses for, which is a lot, but i can handle it.

more to come soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

idiot! gosh!

you'd think i would have learned by now. i'm not even sure why this would matter to me, i mean, i've had plenty of dates since then.

it's 'cause i know i loved her. and was in love with her.

probably best i never had sex with the last two. it would have been even worse after Leslie dumped me, since i let myself really like her. having sex with an emotional connection is really great, but then the letdown is in proportion.

dammit. i reckon i'll just have to not love anyone too much again *what a drama queeni can be!* and just have meaningless but great sex the rest of my life.

good thing no one else reads this!

Monday, August 13, 2007


just what is the default color here?

that check

it didn't show up until today, which is about two weeks late, more or less. now that really kind of sucks. but it's at least started.

anyway, i've started using picasa, which is a google deal, as is this blog. i didn't know that for a while, but any pictures i load here can come from my online deal. that's actually pretty cool, as it is easier to access than photobucket.

i may make this a more, pop culture commentary blog in the near future. like talking about the current state of wrestling- why does the wwe think having a the MacMahon family talk about personal issues will make their ratings go up? i'm thankful- i thought for sure Stephanie would tell Vince that the kid she just had was hers...

no, i don't miss Russo's "writing" at all.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


there's my little girl. i think she's bored.

did i get mail today? i don't know. here's hoping i get my unemployment check, small as it may be. i mean, there's nothing Spherion can say bad about me, unless they want to be complete dicks. which may or may not be the case. but what a hassle that would be.

got up far too late to go to the spa. maybe i will. it's only 20 minutes away.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

getting better

my workout are getting better- i'm starting to push past 30 minutes now, and i just added an additional 15 pushups to my set.

Dacya is just a love, and ever so talky.

Monday, July 16, 2007


i go away for a month (well, from here) and my blog turns to a Japanese language site! i'm better at writing in katakana than i thought i was!

been to CO and back now, and am also not employed by PF any more. how about that for a change in life?

Monday, June 11, 2007


i hadn't seen Leslie for almost two weeks, and not since she broke up with me. saw her today, and it hurt more than i thought it would. i was kind of surprised. i also glimpsed her as she was leaving, and i know she saw me. we didn't make eye contact, and since i was headed back from a break it's not like i could just stop and talk, even if she had wanted to.

not that i know if she even wanted to.

i sure miss her. today would have been two months since our first date. among other things it was supposed to move our relationship to a different level. what a bummer this has been.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ball game

going to the ballgame tomorrow with Leslie- it's my first ever game. she's a baseball nut, so this should be fun. i'm of the opinion that Homer voiced "without beer, this game is really boring" and i don't drink beer.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

somewhere, so it's here

since i can't really talk about Leslie over at LJ, i will have to do it here.

i've been on three dates with her, and really like her. she's 35, and works at PF with me (i know, but 6 years is so much nicer). she's got a Masters in Psychology and she really likes me. this makes me ever so happy.

i wonder if anyone will see this.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

hidy ho

dang, i manage to get myself in trouble with so many women all at once. i just want one, not drama with 13 or so.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

another one?

well, only sorta. i would link it to LJ like Igadevil did, but i dunno how! LOL
mostly this is so i can friend people, if possible.