Monday, August 13, 2007

that check

it didn't show up until today, which is about two weeks late, more or less. now that really kind of sucks. but it's at least started.

anyway, i've started using picasa, which is a google deal, as is this blog. i didn't know that for a while, but any pictures i load here can come from my online deal. that's actually pretty cool, as it is easier to access than photobucket.

i may make this a more, pop culture commentary blog in the near future. like talking about the current state of wrestling- why does the wwe think having a the MacMahon family talk about personal issues will make their ratings go up? i'm thankful- i thought for sure Stephanie would tell Vince that the kid she just had was hers...

no, i don't miss Russo's "writing" at all.

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