Saturday, October 27, 2007

more and more

getting more and more cool stuff to add to the book. so far, it's still just 32 pages, so i think i have some room to add some cool scans from old tv guides about what was on the telly at the same time Marine Boy aired. there were a couple of years that had some great lineups to watch in the mornings and afternoons- you could watch Marine Boy, Speed Racer, Ultraman, Batman, DC Super Hero cartoons, Spider-man and more in a single day.

it's kind of depressing now to think NONE of those shows are aired at all any more. good thing more and more of these are coming out on DVD. here's hoping that my book will inspire a release of Marine Boy!

i've also done some more good screen grabs, which i can now pepper the book with, and if they are small, they look better!

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