Saturday, November 17, 2007


it's amazing how much time has gone by. i've finished the episodes, and have rewatched a few here and there. i've been making some screen captures and adding various pictures into the book. i still want some more, as i think the book should have lots of fun pictures and maybe a rare one here and there. mostly it's just screen captures, since there aren't a lot of stills about.

or very much merchandise overall. i've got some interesting things, but sadly, there's just not a lot of 'em.

the cover is what i'm waiting for now, and i've got a graphic designer ready to help me out with the title. so things are pro
gressing more than i've posted here, obviously.

i still have to call Corinne, which i will do Monday or Tuesday, depending on my work schedule. say, what's Space Boy Soran doing in here? you'll have to read the book!

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