Thursday, June 18, 2009

Decade #7 Super Trick of the Real Criminal

(just copied the title from Wiki... don't yell if it's wrong)

Decade and Ryuki and Shark Rider Guy all decide that Bat Rider Ren is to blame for the death of Momoi (the editor, I think, from last episode). Kuuga says no.

it's pretty obvious who actually did it, but there's some good fighting about to happen. and not even in the mirror world. We also learn that our not so mystery villain isn't human, and isn't from Ryuki's world.

Bat Rider fights Kamen Rider Odin (not even named) and gets a time travel card. yes, paradoxes still happen in Ryuki land. but it all works out, even if our hero's pals don't know why they are leaving this world so soon after they got there.

next up- Blade's world, one I've never seen at all.

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