Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade #6

in which Decade and his friends are visiting Ryuki's world. it's a bit different now than it was in his series, though, as the "Riders" are used as a jury system. still ripping off the whole Highlander series though, as the last survivor can decide innocence or guilt.

I made no secret of thinking Ryuki as a series was pretty not good. the fights were poorly staged and consisted of lots of explosions more than fisticuffs. Shinji (Ryuki) was a wimpy girlie-man and everyone's favorite brooder, Ren (Bat-Knight-Rider, I forget), was an obnoxious whiny boy. add to that the "badass" Oja (who didn't even die well) and I hated most of the characters.

except for Swan, who was only in one of the movies.

this time, I am enjoying the characters. it helps that there is a lot of hand to hand action in the series, as Decade either has spent the budget on all the suits for the previous Riders and villains. it's been the best of the new shows I've seen, which, granted, is very little. I like Hibiki as well, from the 13 episodes I've seen of his show.

I am looking forward to the movie where ALL the Riders will meet and kick the snot out of Dai-Shocker!

(yes, the picture is from an earlier episode in Kuuga's world, it's all I could do at the moment.)

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