Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ultraman Mebius

after I finish up with the Mebius series (the last 6 episodes) I think I will start at the beginning and do my patented capsule reviews (only fitting for an Ultra series, don'tcha think?) of said series.

or... maybe I'll start with the original. sure, it's been done by tons of other people, but it's not like I don't enjoy watching the series'. then move on to any others I might be able to watch episodes of with subs or dubs. I have several here and there from most series, but I don't have full runs for most of them. good thing I can watch 'em at work during down times.

one of the great things about Mebius is returning to the original series of Ultras. the newer ones have been OK for the most part (I did quite enjoy Max) but seeing the original Ultras battle again, plus their human forms (especially getting to Leo and 80, who never seem to get much love elsewhere) is just fantastic.

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