Monday, August 17, 2009

The New Frontier

I recently got the two TPBs of DC comics' "The New Frontier". I had seen the movie, which is great, and recently watched it again while listening to the commentary (I rarely do that, since it's usually distracting or not very good).

the books are excellent. well written and drawn, with most everything in the "right" order of how things would have gone had the DCU decided to progress in "real" time.

Darwyn Cooke made use of much history from the DCU, including the blacklisting of the JSA by the "commie hunters" and their subsequent disbanding. though how did Jay Garrick get to be known as the original Flash? I loved all the little touches he included and tied together, much the same way Alan Moore has done with other characters in the past. and that's a high compliment as anyone who knows me will realize.

my main gripe with most comics these days is that- aside from them having to be "realistic" and "dark and gritty" the characters never really do mature or age. thus the writers and artists have to use the same plots over and over again.

anyway, the one thing that didn't quite gel with me, in the book or the movie, was the villain, The Centre. it's so just there. the movie helped out making more of a menace, but it seemed almost beside the point. I know they had to get all the heroes together and it works, but it doesn't seem to be exactly what was needed.

the rest is gold though!