Monday, October 26, 2009

Astro 11, 12 and 13

11. Strange Voyage: the Taurus, the first ship to take commercial passengers to the moon is boarded by Lucky Louie, a criminal. Astro follows him and he and four other people, plus a little girl named Marble, end up on an asteroid.

the names abound here- Mona D' Jour, Stark Raven (a newscaster), Margo Poco. it's amazing how many different and funny names the writers came up with over and over. the ships are really cool looking.

12. The Artificial Sun: Helio Delio, and former science fiction movie producers, uses and artificial sun to blackmail states and nations. Shylock Holmes is called in to crack the case. he and Astro end up on Firepot Island.

the Chief of Police is Irish, and Shylock is ever so English. the sun is a cool looking invention. "HD" has two henchmen, Jekyll and Hyde, who talk in rhyme (they remind me of Tom and Tab, the jackals from Kimba). some very non-PC natives are featured here, as well as a deer getting covered by lava!

13. The Deep Freeze: Mr. Pompous and Astro head to the North Pole. they visit Dr. Tic Tac Toe (I think there was a similar named Dr in Gigantor). a gang that hates robots attacks the center and Astro sends them packing. they have to stop Sharkey and retrieve the stolen loot.

lots of Dr. Moustache- I mean, Mr. Pompous here. the old "I hate robots because they killed my (mom)" is used here, though I bet in 1963 or 1964 it was pretty surprising.

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