Sunday, October 18, 2009

Astro 8 "Silver Comet"

Tom Speed is the driver of the Silver Comet. his sister is Twin Tails (huge pony tails). badguys want to destroy the Comet so he can't win the World Wide Race. they call Dr. Elefun to help out. Astro allows them to put his brain into the Comet.

"Yodelbug" lots of nifty sight gags here, and the English writers came up with some clever names for the cars.

I should just write down the names of the villains, like Tex Tamale. he drives the "Black Vulcan".

of course there's a secret about the car, but if you are paying attention you can figure it out pretty easily. the animation is improving already. these last two episodes have had the most damage that I have seen so far. it's almost like watching it on tv with some splices here and there.

this is a fun adventure episode.

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RossGBaker2 said...

Tex Tamale is NOT a villain. He is a competitor with unrelenting good sportsmanship who wishes his colleagues the best.