Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Astro Boy 9 & 10

watched two today!

9. Hullabaloo Land- Princess Lollipop escapes from "the happiest place on Earth" and ends up at Astro's place. Baron Hoodwink shows up and takes her back. Astro and Elefun visit Hullabaloo Land and Astro ends up freeing all the robots.

Firesnout the robot dragon was cool. Astro really doesn't do too much, the imp-robot is the real star of this episode. as always, there are some fun sight gags, and lots of references to various folk tales from all over the world (Snow White, Peter Pan, etc).

10. The Spirit Machine: Rudolph Hazard kidnaps Dr. Elefun to help make his "Spirit Machine" which will give him eternal life. naturally Astro flies after him to the rescue. he also topples Hazard's dictatorship while he is at it.

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