Friday, October 30, 2009

brought to you by Dolly Madison

remember when CBS would have a notice about special programming during the start of any holiday season? "the regularly scheduled program will not be seen tonight" or something to that effect. do they even do that now, in the age of everything being available on DVD?

this is one of my favorites. I've watched it every year that I can remember.
not quite as meaningful as the first Charlie Brown special, the Christmas one (we'll see that in a couple months) but probably funnier. what really gets me is the facial expressions of the characters. the animators really outdid themselves on this part.
Lucy seems to have issues with dogs. there's a new set available and it has the first 6 specials they did. looks great. and I miss the Dolly Madison ads. Zingers haven't tasted the same since Hostess bought them.

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