Tuesday, November 3, 2009

countdown to 100

in eight posts we'll be at 100 entries for this here blog.  I thought there was a poll thing here, or there used to be, or something, but it seems to be gone.  so that idea is shot!
so I am wondering just what to write about for the spectacular 100th blog.  i just don't know quite yet at this point!  if anyone has any ideas, I'm quite open to them.
it could be an Ultraman show, though I really have only seen a few in their entirety.  or any number of Japanese heroes would be fun to write about, such as our pal Jet Jaguar here.  it's not like Godzilla vs Megalon has had too much written about it over the years, right?  but it is something I am well aquainted with, so it would be an easy subject.

however, it could be about comic books, or monsters, or a cartoon series.  I really have no idea at this point.  perhaps I shouldn't even make a big deal of it.  I'll probably forget anyway!  this new photo editor is nice, but danged if I can figure out how to place the pictures where I want them still.  ah, to be technologically challenged! I guess we will just have to wait and see what it happens to be.  I think I can reasonably be assured it won't be "Three Musketeers of the West" which I will be reviewing before too long.  that's one movie that should be left to it's own devices.

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