Thursday, November 5, 2009

DC superheroes

I loved watching the action packed Filmation DC superhero cartoons from the 60s.  They had quite a variety of stars- see everyone in the JLA shield here.  missing is Batman, and included was Aquaman (who didn't appear in the 3 JLA cartoons they made).  still, there was more action in 7 minutes of Filmation stories than an hour of "Super Friends" (which was one of the most disappointing things about the 70s show).  of course, the actual stories were not very JLA worthy, not even in light of the sixties.  but that didn't matter, you got to see your heroes in action and that was the really important thing.    that they looked exactly like the heroes from the comics was great.

I think I was actually in Kansas the first time I saw one of these "guest hero" cartoons, which I think was a "Green Lantern" one.  I also remember I was coloring in my "Valley of Gwangi" coloring book.  anyway, it was really cool to see a cartoon with Green Lantern.  I thought, naively, perhaps, at the time, that they had made as episodes of GL as they did Superman.  I mean, why not?  but alas, they didn't so we have to be happy with three.  this grab is from the "Evil Star" episode, who was an actual GL villain, which they didn't always do in some of the other cartoons (neither the Teen Titans nor the JLA fought any of their regulars.

all 18 cartoons were released a while ago in this set, and it's a lot of fun.  comes with a nice documentary, but also has "Birdman" on the inside, which of course makes no sense at all.  I'll talk a bit more about the episodes in the future.

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