Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frankenstein, Jr and the Impossibles

here's a nifty little show that I have grown to appreciate far more now than I ever did as a kid. I'm sure most people are surprised, but I liked my superheroes serious. none of these "funny" heroes for me- you know, the ones that never did anything right on their own, but still managed to come out on top, usually by accident or with the help of the unsung much smarter sidekick.

feh upon them, I thought (and still do, for the most part).
however, this show... I never saw much of it growing up. I had a Big Little Book (or was it Little Big Book?) of Frankenstein, Jr, where he battles a clone called Crankenstein. I'd kind of like to read that again. perhaps now I'd understand more of what was going on!
but it's the singing Impossibles that become the heroic Impossibles that I really enjoy now. they take on such wild foes as Smogula, Dragula, the Spy-der Man and many others. obviously an "homage" to the Beatles as filtered through Hanna-Barbera's weirdo lens, it works. the songs they sing are quite pleasant as well, even.
here, Multi-man does his stuff. I wonder if he predates Maddox, the Multi-man from the X-men? someone will know.

you can see a show on Saturday Morning Cartoons v. 1, which is a nice sampler, but only for the second disc. I've mentioned this set before, since it also has a Marine Boy episode on it.


C. Elam said...

Let me look up the first Madrox really quick for you.

So, '74-'75.

The Impossibles later loaned their abilities to the Super Globetrotters!

Xenorama said...

I liked the first Globetrotters cartoon, when it was a Scooby Doo clone, but never saw the super versions.

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

I didn't grow up with this cartoon either. I was surprised how much I liked when Boomerang started showing it. Sure, it's cheesy as hell, but that kinda adds to it's retro appeal.