Monday, November 23, 2009

Monster of the Week (an idea that only I have ever thought of!)

I know.  since Monday is the start of my week, I thought this would be fun to do, getting me focused up on what's really important...

so up for today is our old pal Angilas.  no, I'll never call him "Anguirus", "Angurus", "Anzilla" or especially "Angirasu".  just plain ol' Angilas is good enough for Godzilla, it's good enough for me!

anyway, he shows up first in 1955 along with Godzilla in Gigantis, the Fire Monster.  he's based on the ankylosaurus, not a one of which had teeth like he does.

but that's part of the charm of these giant monsters, right?  not "realistic" in the least bit, which is a plus for movies.  not so much science, but that's not what we are here for!  he gets killed dead in the movie, but like most good Japanese monsters, that doesn't slow him down.

it slowed him down for 13 years, until his next appearance in 1968's Destroy All Monsters.  here he is a little slimmer and less wild looking.  a result of refined suit making techniques!  he has a great role in the final battle, too bad it's as a punching bag for King Ghidorah.

the real ankylosaurus has always been a favorite of mine, perhaps #3 overall with the dinosaurs.  I think that's one of the reasons I did Angilas so much as well.

his final big role was in 1972's rather dreary Godzilla vs Gigan, the only one of this bunch I have seen in the theater.
here he is clearly an ally of his once foe (and murderer) Godzilla as they battle the cockroach seijin controlling Gigan and King Ghidorah to save the Earth from invasion and takeover.  he gets beat up a bit here, but really pulls his weight.

this is also where Godzilla and Angilas talk to each other.  In English.  when I said his name was good enough for Godzilla, I meant it!

he also makes a cameo in Megalon and gets brutalized in the first MechaGodzilla movie.  and in 2004 got a hedgehog like makeover for the rather infamous Final Wars (which merits a review all on it's own someday).

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