Monday, November 2, 2009

no one can compare

mostly I have to try out this here new editor (which of course has probably been around longer than I've realized).  says it has better photo placement, so let's see!

so here's a fine fun cartoon from the 1960s Japan, known as "Usei Shonen Popi"- "Planet Boy Popi".  AIP-TV, trying to capitalize on the very popular "Astro Boy" brought this 52 episode show over here.

while I doubt it had quite the success "Astro" had (and still enjoys) it's a fun show.  it's one of the three I remembered seeing when I was about 4 or so (the other two being Marine Boy and Gigantor).  it certainly left an impression on me, especially with that large medallion with the "P" on it.

I mean, how cool was that?  very.  it could do wonders, as long as it has a full charge.

he had some helpers, Diana Worthy, Dan Dynamo and Aji Baba  who would help him out with all sorts of trouble.

good thing, too, as the Prince had all kinds of problems, including a recurring for or two- notably Warlock, the Master of Martian Magic and Krag from Kragmire, who wears a top hat and carries a deadly watch.

I'll talk more about this at some point, but I really like the new editor.

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