Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Star Trek (2008)

rather, "Star Trek" of Earth B, or whatever post Trek Crisis you'd prefer to designate it as now. it's still a remake.

I didn't hate it.  in fact, I quite enjoyed it.  but best Trek movie?  hardly. I'd say half of the ten are better than this.  but it's quite enjoyable, despite it's many flaws (one of them being that it's 20 minutes too long).

I had notes and all sorts of things I was going to write down here.  mostly I'll say this- Leonard Nimoy is the best part of the movie, hands down.  he made me believe these kids are actually who they are supposed to be playing,  finally.

but naming the villain "Nero"?  really?  I agree with Ebert's review, for the most part.  it's a cynical attempt to continue a beloved franchise with younger actors.  for such a lame idea, it's surprising it was this good.

one last thing... i really hated all the "funny" stories about how previous Trek movies were full of bad actors and bad effects and lousy stories.  what universe did those idiots live in?  I hope they have to watch hours of "The Starlost" as they deserve it.

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