Monday, December 21, 2009

Giant Robo vs Cats

got this Giant Robo toy several years ago at the local comic book shop.  it moves and even came with a rather out of proportion Johnny Sokko figure.  Johnny wouldn't stand up on the carpet so he got left out.

that's my tortoise shell cat Dacya in the background, she's not very impressed with our hero. 

I would have loved to have one of these as a kid, wouldn't that have just been a great toy to play with till it fell apart?  moves about as well as the live action one as well!

now if they only made a Dragulon to have him fight, the package would be complete.  I think he's my favorite of the monsters from that series.

here's Thuvia Jane, or TJ as it's easier for me to write and say.  she's also rather nonplussed about the impending battle with our hero.

Daci is just the supervisor for this battle.  don't worry, no harm came to either the toy or the cat, since she'd rather bat about softer fuzzier things.

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