Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hibiki Rider

while I don't consider Kamen Rider Hibiki to be an actual Kamen Rider, at least it's nice that he rides a bike at some point.  I mean, just cashing in the name recognition of "Kamen Rider" is pretty lame, don't you think?

but here in episode#25 we get a nice little ride sequence with some decent rock music.  not sure what it was for other than to show off the bike, but it worked for me.

I'd never seen a bike that looked like this one in a Japanese show which is why it caught my attention.  I think I'd really like to ride a motorcycle, but out here in San Diego there's too many people who pay NO attention to anything going on around them.
so that's kind of out for me, at least for now.  and I'd hate to get one and then be considered a "bike enthusiast" who only rode it during the sunny days.

still, there's just something cool about motorcycles, and when you add a superhero to the mix it just makes it cooler.

oh come on,you all knew I was going to say that, right?  they have been riding bikes since at least WWII, and someone will know more about it than me.  the Kamen Riders used to have some of the coolest bikes around, but dreaded "realism" has taken hold and we don't see something like "Junglar" any more.

but a Honda like this is pretty cool.  good sized bike, too.  wonder how warm it was that day, since zooming about on a bike is a chilly thing on occasion.

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