Monday, December 7, 2009

hey hey hey it's the Fabulous Ones

just got a set of three DVDs from Highspots, and one of them was this set of classic Fabulous Ones matches.

while some of these matches have been available in other sets, here we get many of the promos that help set up the angles for the matches.

in a rather lengthy introduction, Jackie Fargo introduces the Fabulous Ones, that he picked out as a response to manager Jimmy Hart's "New York Dolls" who he thought were copying his brothers gimmick.  there's more banter between Hart and Fargo, and then we get the matches themselves.

some of the matches are from the tv show, but many are from the weekly show in the Mid-South Colosseum.  the quality is not HD or even SD, but it's not bad, and since you aren't going to find it any better VQ at this point I'm happy with it, overall.

we also get to see Jackie Fargo introduce the NEW Fabulous Ones of Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and Eddie "Hotstuff" Gilbert  Fargo sounds very sanctimonious in this segment (and the following one he's in as well).  no wonder the new Fabs never got over!  that and it was a really bad idea.

so I highly recommend the disc, and Highspots themselves, as the service is fast.  good stuff.  Memphis is something else.  I'll have a few more reviews of their DVDs.


Chad said...

Those sets look really cool and fun. Memphis did some campy garbage, but they also had some really good stuff.

Xenorama said...

you get a really nice sense of the storylines at the time. seems like they ALL involved Jimmy Hart to some degree!