Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Steve Ditko, a favorite

it's no secret I've loved Spider-man since before I could read, thanks to the wonderful 1967 cartoon show. that started my reading of comics (along with the live action Batman series).

later on, when I started paying attention to the creators, I found out about Spidey's original artist, Steve Ditko.  his style takes a little getting used to, but I just LOVE it now.  his people looked ordinary.  even the glamorous Gwen Stacy didn't look like a movie star.

while he did draw Mary Jane Watson, who all the girls were jealous of, we never actually saw her face until after John Romita took over art chores (and Johnny did her justice, he always drew sexy women.  oh, yeah, I can call him Johnny, I've met him.) so that really doesn't count.

and Peter never looked nerdier or lonelier or more outcast in those initial issues.

I love the way his drawings look so solid.  there's a gravity or weight to them that makes them almost leap off the page.  you can see how hard Spidey is walloping Electro and you know it's not a love tap!  I believe that's from the Sinister Six story.

and then there's Steve's run on Doctor Strange, who more than lives up to his name.  as much as many talented artists have tried, not a one has matched the complete weirdness that Ditko managed to create time and again.

add to that the weird villains and monsters and demons Strange fought, with the magical spells and mystical bolts that never looked the same twice... amazing falls short of a proper description.

not to mention the various dimensions our good doctor visited every other issue or so.

makes me wish someone would do an animated movie in the style of Steve's artwork.  I mean, Bruce Timm really did do some of it in with the DC heroes, but wouldn't an adaption of some of these Dr. Strange stories just rock?  and how hard would it be?  Steve also used an economy of line work that would be perfect for animation.  why not let Timm have a go at some Marvel heroes?

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