Monday, January 25, 2010

Invisible Monster of the Week

from the Jonny Quest episode of the same name...

though I can hear people asking "if it's really invisible, how can I see it there in the picture?"

easy.  our heroes, led by Dr. Benton Quest, decide to use paint to cover the invisible energy beast.  I am sure after seeing it in all it's hideousness they immediately regretted the need to view it.

this really is a scary episode of the series.  not only does the professor who brings the monster to life get killed, an innocent island boy is doomed right in front of us!

Doug Wildey and Alex Toth were designers on the series, and they outdid themselves here with this thing.  add to that the weird vocals and sounds it makes and it's a spooky monster indeed.

and it eats energy from wherever it is found, plants, lights, people... blob type monsters have always given me the creeps, and while this isn't really a "blob" it sure looks and acts like one.  and thank goodness they weren't afraid to show the darn thing in broad daylight, that adds to the menace.

this is the end of the monster, though it involves some suspense.  about two years later Hanna-Barbera remade this episode into "The Energy Monster" for a Space Ghost episode, cramming 25 minutes into one six minute cartoon.

these shots all came from the DVD set from a few years ago.  I love it.

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