Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monster of the Week- Mephilas Seijin

"seijin" = "alien" in Japanese.  don't say you never learn anything here!

Mephilas first appeared in Ultraman episode #33 "The Forbidden Words" where he tried to coerce a young boy into giving him the Earth. 

when that doesn't work he kidnaps Fuji and turns her into a destructive giant, followed by a Kemur alien, a Baltan and Zarab.  Fuji does the most damage though.

he has one really cool design, that's for sure.  it's a bit on the bulky side, like he's almost wearing a suit.  it also gives him the look of a lot of power when he is fighting Ultraman.  the follow up to this episode was presented in Ultraman Taro.  this was a different member of the same species, but the suit was not nearly as nice.

Mephilas has a wide variety of powers- such as this beam, which stops Ultraman's "Shredding Halo" mid flight.  he can either be human sized or giant as need be.  the giant size comes in handy when fighting various Ultras, as he does in his next appearance in Ultraman Mebius (an excellent show, highly recommended, by the way).  he is also physically quite powerful.

the battle between him and UItraman is really well done, though we can't quite hate this alien.  he's looking out for his world and people, but really, he has to be stopped.

and this picture is just because it looks cool!

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