Sunday, January 3, 2010

Polly Shang-Kwan Ling Feng

while watching this here movie- The Rangers, is the title that comes up on the screen- and Polly Shang is the star.

she should be better known than she is.  she's cute and funny and immensely talented at several forms of martial arts.  granted, she's been in a ton of movies, but it seems like you really only hear about Cheng Pei-pei or Angela Mao-ying (and deservedly so) these days.

the movie is titled so they can cash in on Mao-Ying's successful Lady Whirlwind, but it bares little resemblance to that movie.  both are good and showcase our heroines well.

this one has some stupid comedy in the middle- there's a shocker!  another big plus is Yasuaki Kurata  who makes all movies cooler.


Danny Coffin said...

Yeah,David,''The Little Phoenix'' really showed how it's done during her kung-fu film career(''THE ZODIAC FIGHTERS'' has to be one of her WILDEST flicks!)I,too,always felt Polly should've been way more popular(as should Chia Ling aka Judy Lee...)

Xenorama said...

she is like the opposite of Angela Mao, who was always so serious. Polly seems closer to Fu Sheng than Bruce Lee.