Wednesday, January 13, 2010

robot, bat punch now!

more on the Brave and the Bold.  while battling Babyface and his gang, Batman transforms the Batmobile into the Bat-bot.  or something, who knows what it's called?

it's fun to watch the car turn into a plane, a sub and now a robot, one starts losing the suspense in the episodes, since Batman is always prepared for anything and everything.  it's very much reminiscent of the 60s tv show and comics of that time.

I do much prefer this Batman, who actually can smile and crack a joke and even flirt (I think my new favorite word is "flirterer", thanks Green Arrow) again.  this would almost be my favorite show ever if it had been on when I was a kid.

every robot has a rocket punch.  it is a pretty cool design.

this show makes me laugh all the time, with many in jokes for us older fans.  and it's really cool to see him teaming up with various heroes that have never been animated before, such as the Blue Beetle, OMAC and (I hope I'm not disappointed) the Metal Men.

the episode "The Color of Revenge" begins with an honest to gosh homage to the 60s show.  anyone else think it's a crime that that show hasn't been released on DVD yet?  I mean, really, get it together.


Cory Gross said...

1) The robot reminds me a lot of the bat-bots from Kingdom Come.

2) It is on DVD! I've seen it in stores.

Xenorama said...

I meant the 60s show. I've already picked up the first set of this cartoon.