Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tetsujin 1-7

mostly known to us over here as "Brain 17" this is a fun show.  it essentially follows the Gigantor/Johnny Sokko theme of boy controls a giant robot and battles evil monsters and such which of course is what every boy dreams of.

I'd never seen an episode of it in Japanese, but found that some kind souls are fansubbing it.  too bad it's MKV sort of thing, as I prefer watching shows on a tv than a computer, but I can live with it if it's just one episode.

I have a ton of these one shot fansubs, Kamen Rider episode 1, JAKQ, Battle Fever J, Metaldar, even Ultraman Neos episode 1 has been done.  I appreciate their efforts, since I certainly couldn't do it.

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