Friday, February 5, 2010

another Flash!

and really, I don't mean Mr. Gordon (he's alive... alive...)

in season 2 of "The Brave and the Bold" we get to see our first glimpse of the JLA.  for the most part, it sure looks like the mid-70s JLA from their comic book (though Red Tornado needs a makeover, what an awful design).

Aquaman is saying "outrageous!" which seems to be his trademark now.  I like this version quite a bit, not the traditional one, but not the one DC has turned into the Sub-mariner these days.  he's fun and funny.

anyway, if you'll notice we see both Superman AND Wonder Woman, sort of.  we also get a glimpse of the Martian Manhunter and right next to Batman, there's a Flash.

one would think it was the Barry Allen Flash, since the kids watching- Robin, Aqualad and golly gosh, Speedy (they went a little overboard on his euphemisms) are shown as very young.  there's no Kid Flash or Wonder Girl (what a surprise there, poor Donna) though.

boy I would like to see an adventure with this lineup.  we've seen everyone in action but the "Big 2" and J'onn.

I mean, even Fire, or Green Flame has had a nice shot on the show.  I like how they use Batman's suit though, as where the timeline is, since it changes as he gets older.

by the way, the "kids" take on Ra's al Ghul (رأس الغول‎) and his daughter Talia and henchmen Ubu.  Talia and Robin have an interesting exchange, for sure.

so just who is this Flash?

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