Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hulk silent

finally watching this Incredible Hulk (2008) movie, and it is more like a big budget version of the 70s tv show than an adaption of the comic book.  sure, it's got pretty effects, but the Hulk looks like a big cartoon, still.  I never did see the first movie version.

I like it OK, though an hour into it we've had two "hulk outs" which is just like the tv series.  the Hulk hasn't spoken at all, is brutal and violent, far more than his original comic book counterpart.  Edward Norton looks like he is channeling Bill Bixby which isn't a bad thing for the most part.  nice to hear the "Lonely Man" theme though it really underscores the actual tv-ness of the movie.

one of the things that doesn't hold up well either in this movie or the comic books (especially these early ones) is the single mindedness of General "Thunderbolt" Ross.  his mania about the Hulk gets ridiculous after a bit.  anyone with half a brain could see that shooting at the Hulk every time he shows up is just going to make things worse.  and yet he (and JJJ in the Spider-man series) never seem to learn.

Ross is played by William Hurt and he does a great job with the rather one-dimensional  character, though I am sure by now he's been retconned to have other motives.

my main gripe is the villain of the film, the Abomination.  here is what he should look like, and this is great.  what we got in the movie... ugh.  looks like regurgitated Giger based ripoff crap, very common these days.  the original design is far more awesome.

along with knowing who the villain in Iron Man was immediately, being a comic book geek I knew who Emil Blonksy was and what would happen to him.

the Hulk isn't one of my top superheroes, so I don't mind different versions.  this is an OK movie.

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