Friday, February 12, 2010

thoughts 30 minutes in

I'm nearly halfway through All Riders vs DaiShocker and am really enjoying it, even if seeing my favorite Riders get beat at first isn't that much fun. 

however, seeing the original Riders back, and in their proper forms (someday I will review the new Kamen Rider movies, the First and the Next) is something really cool.  here's Amazon (mentioned last post) looking just as good as he did then.  relatively speaking I suppose!  someone working on this series and movie must really like him, since he got two episodes in the show before the movie came out.  and that's a good thing, I must say.

still, one thing missing (so far) is the theme songs.  it would be really cool to have them playing whenever a Rider shows up.

I mean, V3 makes a dramatic appearance, and it's just some generic dramatic music instead of his theme.  there is probably some reason for this, but come on, they blew it the same way with both Kamen Rider Black and RX's appearances in the show.

the movie is just 66 minutes, and still packs quite a bit of action and even some character development in it.  however, really, did anyone not know who "Tsukikage" was going to turn out to be, other than Tsukasa himself?  nice to see the Satan Sabre make a return though.
I really do like this caption.  too bad it didn't say "pickle" instead of pinch!

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