Saturday, March 13, 2010

holy heartbreak!

I don't know which superhero I discovered first, Batman or Spider-man.  they have both been in my life for most of it, and I think they got there about the same time.

I watched the Batman tv show for almost 2 years solid, and maybe longer.  I remember running home from from the first day of kindergarten to watch my heroes in action.  the second day I got home, turned on the telly and got... The Green Hornet?  who was this clown?

well, later on I would realize, but I wanted Batman at the time and really resented him being off the air.  that was the last time I would see him on Colorado airwaves for several year (until 1989 or so, guess why?).

however, Batman (1966) was aired several times on tv and a lot at kiddie matinees, so I was never long without seeing my hero in action.  it's a sad thing that the series is not out on legit DVD at all these days.

there has been plenty written about this movie, and these days the hardcore Bat-fans don't like it (not true to the roots) without realizing that Batman comics were saved by the show.  as far as being true to the roots... well, Robin showed up less than a year after Batman made his debut and things got a lot lighter.  and that lasted about 30 years.

Lee Meriwether plays Catwoman (never called by her "real" name of Selina Kyle in the series or movie) and I am glad she's in it.  sure, having Julie Newmar in it would have been nice, but the script calls for a slightly different Catwoman and that's what we get with Lee. 

the romance between Bruce and Miss Kitka used to be the dragging point for me as a kid, but now I see it as bittersweet, as at the end here (these pictures) show Bruce realizing he's giving up something by being Batman.  it's a bit subtle, oddly enough, but it's there.

I love this movie.  I'll take it over the Burton movies or the highly overrated and humorless Nolan movies any day.

plus it has my favorite Bat-villain, the Riddler, as masterfully played by Frank Gorshin.  no one tops him as the Riddler.   he's a far better actor than ever given credit for in any of his appearances.

and how dapper can one be?

here's to 200 more posts!

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