Saturday, April 24, 2010

with one magic word...


I saw this cartoon long before I ever heard of the other similar sounding word. I've often wondered if the similarity was intentional, and tend to believe it was.  Captain Marvel was very popular.

two episodes of this fun show have now been released, erroneously, on the DVD set called Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1970s Vol. 2.  Shazzan came from the same great mold that Space Ghost, the Herculoids etc all came from, and that was in the 60s.  nothing else on that DVD set is nearly as exciting as the two episodes of Shazzan presented therein.  it also has a "Powers of Shazzan" mini-doc which is not bad, though some of the people just can't seem to resist acting like a cartoon made to entertain kids is somehow supposed to live up to more "mature" expectations. but for the most part they are kind to the show.

some of Alex Toth's great artwork is presented in the doc as well.  one of the speakers seems to think he has a moustache growing from the sides of his nose.  way to pay attention there, dude!

these sets are OK, they seem to want to be a nice sampler of the shows on TV back in the time period, but I'd rather just be able to buy the actual sets of the shows presented.  or not, as who really wants to watch The Hair Bear Bunch ever again?

not me, that's for sure!

how long ago did this seem, especially back in 1972?

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C. Elam said...

I would be shocked if the similarity wasn't intentional. "Shazam" was in the popular vernacular still (Gomer sure helped!) and Captain Marvel was an unlikely candidate for return in the 1960s. That's why one of the old comic industry awards was dubbed the "Shazam", and why we (almost) got a Captain Shazam from the folks who published FATMAN THE HUMAN FLYING SAUCER.