Monday, May 10, 2010

Ultra weapons

one of the coolest things about Japanese superheroes is they have really cool weapons.  some are based on martial arts weapons (see Sentai groups, usually) and lots are not.

take Ultra Seven, if you will.  here we see his famous Eye Slugger, on it's way to slicing some alien creature apart. very effective, and like Thor's hammer Mjolnir it would return right to his hand after bisecting or even trisecting the defeated invader. 

this weapon is very similar to Ultraman's "shredding halo" and later Ultraman Jack's "Ultra Bracelet" among many others.

here we see Ultra Seven using his Emerium Beam (sometimes "Emelium" but I think it's spozed to be from emerald so that works for me just fine).

not quite the most common pose for him to fire it in though.

just a sample of the cool powers that make Japanese heroes a different flavor than their Western counterparts.  here's a cool opening theme song, too!

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