Thursday, June 24, 2010

Astro Boy #14

the robot butler
disasters are happening in the mountains. Prof. Fruitcake is doing experiments. Astro and Elefun head up there to find out what's going on.

Dr. Fruitcake makes giant fruit. some good sight gags here. he also has made some giant snails who become violent if they don't get to go out and "play".  anyone see where this is going to end up?

he also has a million snail eggs to hatch, because everyone would love that.  sadly, when they hatch, the snails turn on Dr. Fruitcake. 

Elefun has to call General Windybag for help. Windybag is very vain about his appearance and rather lazy.

the million snails
of course they don't want to believe Elefun about the snails. until they see them, and then they begin to send missiles at them.

they bomb the snails (who sound really weird as they head toward civilization). nothing works, until they finally send Astro Boy in to try to stop them.  some good scenes of destruction by the snails as Astro begins his final assault on them.

and Astro figures the one way to destroy the snails... the one way EVERYONE has ever used on snails since time began.  I bet the JLA would make him a member due to this.

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