Thursday, June 3, 2010

Batman Begins again, part 1

I am 35 minutes into this overhyped movie, and it's not bad.  I have very low expectations and so far they have been met.  it's a good cast with a good director, but there's something missing.  it's called heart.  a technically well made movie, but no real warmth in it. I've felt that way about every movie I've seen of Chris Nolan's.

and while Ledger is doing a great job channeling both Jack Nicholson and Jeff Goldblum to play his poor abused psycho, he's not The Joker.

Bale has the worst Batman voice ever.  he makes a good Bruce Wayne, though.  the fight scenes are marginally better than the last movie, there's a good thing I can say about it.

more later.


C. Elam said...

Funny - I had similar feelings when I saw it in a theater. While technically a good movie, it had no real joy to it. I have zero desire to ever see it again.

By contrast, the Iron Man movies have been very satisfying even after having seen them more than once.

Xenorama said...

I agree completely, even if Iron Man was predictable as soon as I saw the opening credits (as to who the villain would eventually be).

but that's 38 years of reading Iron Man comics, I suppose.