Saturday, June 5, 2010

the Dark Knight falls

flat on his face into "realism".

I mean, this movie, The Dark Knight is what so many people think is the best superhero movie ever?  it's not. it's a well made movie, but since Batman has now turned into the equivalent of the Silver Age Superman (i.e. he can do anything) it could have been way better.  I mean, Batman flies in this movie.  his "bat tank" transforms into his "bat pod" (and what a stupid name that is).  nothing about that screams "realistic" at all, especially when you consider he's flying in what would almost have to be at least 50 pounds of an armored costume.

did we need car chase scenes? nah.  at least we didn't get them driving backwards, thank goodness.

he can maneuver this pod around like crazy, until he runs into a bus.  what?  there are too many contrivances throughout the whole movie.  all those gallons of gas appearing as if by magic in the city.

as far as the "Joker" goes... liked his performance OK, but had Ledger lived, this movie would not have made nearly the amount of money it did.

Two Face should have been in the third movie.  this movie was too long by at least 30 minutes and far too violent for the rating it got.

the good stuff- Alfred in ALL Batman incarnations always gets the best lines. the fight scenes are slightly better than the last movie (not hard, since those were pathetic), the music was good as well.  there was more humor in this movie than I thought there would be, since the other two Nolan movies I've seen were very dour and humorless.

still the worst bat-voice ever.


Danny Coffin said...

GREAT review,David,&your final point couldn't be more true(I refer to this as ''Christian Bale mumbles angrily''lol...)

Dark Knight Joker said...

Wow you are bold in some of your statements! I think Ledger's performance probably would still have won him the awards.

What did you think of Watchmen?

Xenorama said...

I didn't see the Watchmen, yet. I'll review it once I have, I am sure. heck, I've still not seen Superman Returns, that's how far behind the times I am!! LOL