Friday, June 11, 2010

Ultra Galaxy the Movie

this movie is pretty great.
here's Ultraman Zero using Leo's Ultra Kick on the evil Carnage, I mean Venom, I mean the evil Ultra Belial.  there's a lot of wirework in here, but it works since there are superheroes and super villains.  the martial arts look cool because of that, but it would have been fine without so much as well.  there's also a lot of green screen work, which is adequate but no replacement for miniatures.

the ZAP Spacey ship and crew look a lot better than in their tv show, which is what a decent budget will do for you.  and while you get to see lots of Ultras and lots of Ultra Monsters, they tend to amount to cameos rather than actual appearances.  which is sad.

the movie does come across as an elaborate (and very entertaining) introduction to Ultraman Zero.  I think there's a new show starring him headed to tv soon.  nothing new here, really, since the Kamen Rider movie introduced Kamen Rider Double in much the same way. sorta.

this mega monster is much better realized than the ones in the last two movies, as it's not just a cg creation.

all in all, out of the last three Ultra movies this one is by far the most fun.  trying to tell the difference between the various Ultras we know and love and have rarely seen (I know Jonias was there, but I don't remember seeing him) is a lot of fun.  same with the monsters, who do suffer from the revived monster syndrome- pale shadows of their original powerful selves.

I have no idea who they will have Zero fight, as he's SO powerful.  it'll be fun to find out!

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