Wednesday, July 28, 2010

18 Jade Arhats

seems I'm on a kung fu kick these days. The Eighteen Jade Arhats!
pick a title, darn it!
this is a DVD from Tai Seng, who for years was the place to go (unless you wanted Shaw Brothers, then you were outta luck) to get kung fu movies. now, these older titles are kind of frustrating, as they are poorly transferred and mostly fullscreen versions of these movies.
who said that?
and too damn dark on occasion!  this movie suffers from hard to discern night scenes.  a new transfer would be really nice.

this is a good movie, full of fights and action.  the plot is a little convoluted, revenge, mystery, theft and double crosses- and two men fake their own deaths- but it's not too hard to follow.  Polly Kwan is looking for the man who stole the titular Arhats and then there's some frame ups as well.
our heroes walk away

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