Thursday, July 22, 2010

DC's 75th Anniversary

the BIG Three
according to all accounts, this year is DC Comics 75th anniversary of publishing comic books.  yes, three years before Superman showed up DC was producing periodical reading material.

so at "Media" Con this year, it's all over the place.  and since there were no superheroes (per se) in 1935, we get a slew of drawings of the Big 3 helping DC celebrate.

and some interesting essays about the impact of comics and such over 3/4 of a century.  the one I found most interesting was the question asked to the readers about their favorite DC moments.

the answers ranged all over the place from things I agreed with to pure WTF moments (I mean, "Identity Crisis"?  really?).  it did get me thinking about what my favorite DC moment was though.

it really wasn't too hard to figure out, and I'll blog about it in the near future.  anyone else got a thought about it?

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