Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dream team ups

while watching the old Hulk tv show, I had a thought.  there were three main characters on the show, Banner/Hulk and Jack McGee, ably played by Jack Colvin.  while I believe a larger supporting cast could have helped the show, there's no denying it's success over 5 seasons.

but it seems to me that McGee might have eventually come across another reporter who had dealings with weird and unusual creatures and phenomena at some point.  perhaps this older reporter could have helped him out at first, trying to find the Hulk.

the older reporter would of course be Carl Kolchak, The Night Stalker.  how cool would that have been? perhaps the Hulk could have battled some supernatural menace which would have brought McGee into Kolchak's world.


Danny Coffin said...

David,this would've been COOL to see(imagine Kolchak's reaction to Banner turning itno The Hulk!)
Speaking of reporters,perhaps down the road McGee could've run into a certain young photographer from one of New York's biggest-selling newspapers who seems to have a ''sense'' about things.Or he&Kolchak could've consulted a doctor with experience in matters most strange...

Xenorama said...

those are also great ideas. Ima post more of these as I think of them!