Friday, July 9, 2010

East/West presents the Return of the King...?

 it seems like the dollar DVDs have started to disappear from the dollar stores these days.  I look every time I go to one, and I see fewer and fewer now.

however, today I was in a 99 Cent store, and EastWest Entertainment had released this Rankin-Bass version of the final book in the trilogy.

this seems very odd to me, since I think it's been released on by Warner Home Video.  of course, knowing EastWest's rep, this should come as no surprise to anyone at all.  there were lots of other dubious titles as well from EastWest.

in case we didn't know...
the movie itself is not that great.  it looks decent enough, but it suffers from condensing a very long book into about 100 minutes, which necessitated cutting a huge amount of stuff out of the movie.

fortunately, there was a lot of the marching cut, which is a good thing (as evidenced by the Jackson movies).

it was worth a buck to find this, I wonder how long it will be available?

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