Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Golden Arm! pt 2

this is a great title
here's a couple screen caps from the new Tokyo Shock release of this fine movie.  it looks great and while lacking many extras, the DVD is well worth owning.  in fact, even if it was JUST THE MOVIE it would be worth owning, as we used to love fullscreen VHS tapes with nothing else added at all.  people have gotten way too spoiled these days about such things.
the final battle
there is a lot of fighting in this, and it's all very inventive.  we get to see an unusual style of drunken kung fu from Philip Kwok as he battles Meng Lo at the end of the movie. 

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Danny Coffin said...

This cool flick was one of The Venom's best;Chang Cheh really outdid himself with this one...(&I agree,David-LOVE the new DVD!)