Friday, July 16, 2010

here's to you and me

AKA "The Curse of Capistrano"
I've been a big Zorro fan my entire life, seen many different versions of him on the big and small screens.  but I have never read the original classic adventure until I got it recently.

it's pretty great. the writing is smooth and flowing, the characters are well written and the action is easy to follow.  one might really believe there was a Zorro in 1822 California, in the days of decadence of the missions.

this book comes with a nice prefix talking about the actual mish mash McCulley made of old California when he wrote the story in 1919.  which works for the story quite well.  applying real world history to such things is the way to madness, to quote an old wizard.

I really have enjoyed this book!

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