Thursday, July 29, 2010

how about that Marine Boy

what a schedule of great shows
this blog was ostensibly started to track the progress of the Marine Boy book.

then I got sidetracked by a real job and life and all that fun stuff that goes along with things.  but I have not forgotten, and I do have all the writing nearly done.  I do not know exactly how it will be published, either as a Xenorama imprint or on it's own, but at least I have the body of the work done.

and thank God I got to talk to the late Peter Fernandez about Marine Boy.  he was a great gentleman and had some really cool information for me.  I feel like I owe it to his memory to get the information out now.

to the left here is an example of how the early morning line ups used to look on television.  this sort of programming will never happen again.  I used to get up early just to watch the cool shows that were never aired in Colorado at the time.  not knowing anything about how shows were chosen, I just thought tv in Colorado was really poor at the time.  still do, actually!  we did get a lot of cool monster movies though.
boomerang throw!

I know that Marine Boy did get shown in CO in the late 60s, as I remember seeing the opening when I was about four years old.

so stay tuned, as things are starting to move again with this project!


Chris Sobieniak said...

I miss those days too, when you had cartoons on before school and all that. I see ch. 20 had their Romper Room on 2 hours before Marine Boy that day, which Bugs Bunny filling an hour gap in-between!

And CBS was still showing Capt. Kangaroo instead of news as they end up doing in the 80's. I faintly remember that before they gave him the Saturday morning exodus and then just told him to leave before he could make it to see his 30th year on the network.

Xenorama said...

we didn't have an afternoon or morning block in Colorado. there was a local show "Nole and Andy" that showed some cartoons- "Hercules" and "Johnny Cypher" but it went away when I was still young.

Channel 20 had a great morning and afternoon lineup. they knew who to cater to, since the other stations had soaps and talk shows. that's a good thing about competition!