Monday, July 19, 2010

kung fu apes

they sure are!
 this is a rather infamous kung fu movie.  I will show give some examples here in a few sentences, but some of you will already know why.

it's a standard kung fu revenge story with some good fighters (Carter Wong, Tao-liang Tan, and Judy Lee).  the families of two girls get murdered by the Ching Emperor.  the two girls are saved by a Shaolin priest.  twelve years later they set out for revenge.

all of this is explained in the prologue in both English and Chinese.  really helpful they did it that way for us!

however, there are some fantasy elements that make this one a bit weirder, and then there are these that make it wilder.
kung fu gorilla
yep, that's a "gorilla" doing kung fu.  or something that is similar.  you can't see it, but the costume is not very good.  well, yes, you can see that.
stomach of steel
they can't be stabbed, so how will our heroines defeat them?  and it looks like he's wearing furry flaired trousers.  how square can you get?

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