Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Media" Con 2010 day 1

I went to the Con for the first time in 3 years, helping a friend out with his booth.  I also got to see my pal August Ragone's "Gamera The Invincible" Visual Tribute, and it was pretty darn great.  he covered the creation of the monster right up to Zigra in great pictures, many were behind the scenes photos showing the amazing amount of detail in the miniatures in the first two movies.

great stuff.

the rest of the time I helped my friend out and walked about 1/5 of the dealer's room floor.  there is an amazing amount of cool and useless junk out there being hawked. there will be pictures at some point in the near future of useless junk and maybe some other cool things.

it was nice to be where there were a lot less people- the comics part of the Con.


Brett said...

How does it feel to be surrounded by comics all day? ;)

Danny Coffin said...

Even with the omnipresence of tv show&movie-related stuff,I still want to get out to ComiCon someday(it's one of 3 events I want to attend if I never attend any other;the other 2 being G-Fest&Wacken Open Air in Germany.)