Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Astro reviews

  • 16. Secret Agent Z3- Freezie is plotting to take over the world.  Astro Boy helps King Pudge resist him.
  • 17. The Haunted Ship- after a discussion with his pal "Specs" Astro has Dr. Elefun install an emotion chip.  he then gets scared and has to overcome his fear in a haunted ship.
  •  18. The Time Machine- Pretty Kahn, from 200 years in the future crashes her time machine.  she, Mr. Moustache and Astro travel back in time and have misadventures with cave people and prehistoric animals.  her father has to learn a lesson about time being nice.  there are some cute sight gags with the dinosaur and her babies and with the t rex trying to swat Astro like a fly.
  • 19. The Cosmic Giant- Jollington the Genie returns to Earth for revenge on everyone who tricked him. he sends a giant robot and Slickum, aka Secret Agent GM14 uses him to destroy the world.  can Astro stop him with a clever trick?  the first bit with the genie and the kid is pretty clever.  not exactly sure what it had to do with the rest of the story, but I liked it anyway.
  • 20. Toxor, the Mist Man- Dr. Bolt accidentally brings Toxor, the deadly mist down to Earth. Toxor possesses Bolt and makes his plans to take over the Earth using the other mist men.  that doesn't work on robots, though.

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