Monday, August 16, 2010

Avengers*JLA #2

the battle begins
the second book in the greatest comic story ever told begins with the first battle of the teams.  and the battle lasts through the entire book almost!  we get to see Wonder Woman fight both Hercules and Wonder Man, Batman vs Captain America and finally, Thor takes on Superman.

yeah, and the plot moves along with the exact amount of humor and flawless characterizations.  we see what effect the "chaos" magic of the DCU has on the Scarlet Witch, the differences in the speed of the Flash vs the speed of Quicksilver and who the better archer is, Hawkeye or Green Arrow.

oh wait, we really don't get to see that battle.  there are some fun cameos as well which just let Perez go to town with his artwork.

apparently the outcome of Thor v. Superman wasn't to everybody's liking, but I think it pretty much had to end that way.  and it wasn't like the result was how it would go in another round.  and the ending is a REAL cliffhanger!

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