Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clash of the Metal Men

Doc Magnus presents...
I did mention this episode a while back, but finally got around to watching the entire thing. aside from renaming Will "Milton" (really, just a stupid change) it's a lot of fun.

they do present Doc as a very stereotypical  1960s comic book scientist, complete with that attitude, but since the show is comedic (for the most part) it works well.

the beginning battle is against Chemo, who doesn't look exactly like his original comic book counterpart, but acts pretty much like him.  he shoots his deadly acid spray, but the sound effect that accompanies it is very familiar to many of the readers of this blog.  I'm surprised they didn't get sued by Toho...

anyway, Batman has to team up with the Metal Men to defeat the Gas Gang, who in the cartoon were the scientists that got killed in an earlier explosion.  they look pretty similar to  their comic book versions as well.

I loved the episode.  the Metal Men aren't done, as they show up at least two more times in the series.  Tin doesn't stutter, and Mercury isn't nearly as supercilious as he was in the comic (wish he had said he was the only metal liquid at room temperature) but the rest were good.

I do wish Hanna-Barbera would have adapted this into a cartoon in the 60s.  that would have rocked.

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