Friday, August 20, 2010

Pryde of the X-Men

"Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists"?
one of these villains is NOT a mutant...

what an odd thing to name yourself.  I mean, does any terrorist group ever call itself that?  it wouldn't quite gain sympathy. 

though of course, calling yourself the "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" isn't exactly going to win you a lot of friends in the first place.

these images are from the first X-men pilot cartoon, which apparently aired a few times in 1989, but I never saw it til it was released on VHS back in the very early 90s.  it's a pretty decent story, marred by silly writing, and some poor stock sound effects.  the animation is quite nice overall though.

some X-Men and the Disco Dazzler
this team of X-Men is an amalgam of several versions.  it's OK, though I would never have included Dazzler in anything.  the voice casting is odd as well, I mean really, who would ever think the Canadian born Wolverine would sound good with an Australian accent?  no one will ever buy that.

I like that they didn't use the blue and yellow suit for Logan.  this color scheme say "wolverine" far more than that one.  the rest of the team looks good, even Dazzler in her so late 80s gloves and jacket top. 

it's a wonder this hasn't ever shown up on DVD.  the X-men had some more adventures with Spider-man, earlier in the 80s.  we'll talk about them later.

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